Why does my toddler need to go to preschool?

‘Why does my toddler need to go to preschool?’

Firstly, our preschool environment offers a chance to grow a child’s sense of self. Children this age are explorers and the entire world is their playroom. They have to learn they are individuals separate from their parents. The more independent experiences they encounter the more their cognitive development and sense of self grows.

In the school setting, children learn about others. Social development is dependent upon interaction especially with their peers; learning how to share, how to communicate feelings, and role playing life situations. All of these experiences are factored into our toddlers’ daily schedule.

Our preschool setting also fosters a young child’s intellectual development. Toddlers use all their senses and motor skills to explore the world around them. Our classrooms are designed to be constantly changing and to highlight all their senses. The literacy-rich environment we provide our toddlers directly impact their brain development. Through story time and books they are not only acquiring language but are developing listening skills, beginning phonics and understanding of story lines.