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¿Hablas español?

No? Your child does!

Most parents have heard about the benefits of children learning a second language at an early age, but how many are actually given the opportunity to be taught one? And how many get to learn from an experienced instructor for whom Spanish is her primary language as a Buenos Aires native? Likely not many, but our children are very fortunate to be under the tutelage of  Senora Nora.

For the past four years, Senora Nora has been enriching the lives of all three, four and pre-K aged children through the introduction of Spanish. She describes her classroom as a journey of learning where students learn colors, numbers and more while singing, dancing and playing games in Spanish. While it may seem like nothing more than fun, Senora Nora is excited to think about how much more is really going on. At their young age, children are very open minded and willing to learn a second language. Still developing, the kids are able to model their mouth and tongue for the perfect pronunciation of words. This ability to annunciate and their excellent memory skills allow them to more quickly than most adults.

“Learning a language at a young age provides many developmental benefits and truly expands mental capacity in a way that only learning a new language can,” says Senora Nora.

When not looking for ways to expand content and find new ways to teach the language, Senora enjoys painting and practicing yoga. She also is a mom to three daughters  and a wife to her husband Jerry.


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